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Faya Shlah (also known as Ring of Faya) is a Syrian-Canadian illustrator and fine artist with an interest in video games, films, comics, and pop culture, which was the catalyst in her art journey. She is a self taught artist who also attended school at Alberta University of Art and Design, and began a part-time freelance career as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Her muses are mythological inhabitant, centered around tribal influence. She’s particularly drawn to painting bright eyes with dark markings on the face. She’s beginning to venture further and work on environmental concept art and character art.

Her work cannot be credited to just pop culture alone, but also through cultural influence. She believes you can evoke powerful and telling emotions through the references and merging of cultures. With Faya being of Syrian descent, normalizing pale Syrians along with darker, more olive skin tones, she intends to to celebrate her heritage in all her pieces.

Although her chosen medium is using digital tools, she also paints using acrylics and water colour to create gorgeous pieces.

Her clients throughout the years have included Xerox, The Calgary Stampede, Papa Murphy’s, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, and Oakland First Fridays

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